After careful consideration of each proposition put forward by the Misseriya, Ngok Dinka, GOS and the SPLM/A, and thorough examination of available evidence, the ABC experts have made the following determinations:


Having duly considered, assessed, and weighed the evidence before them, the experts have come to the following decision:

  1. The Ngok have a legitimate dominant claim to the territory from the Kordofan-Bahr el Ghazal boundary north to latitude 10º 10΄ N, stretching from the boundary with Darfur to the boundary with Upper Nile, as they were in 1956;
  2. North of latitude 10º 10΄ N, through the Goz up to and including Tebeldia (north of latitude 10º 35΄ N) the Ngok and Misseriya share isolated occupation and use rights, dating from at least the condominium period.  This gave rise to the share secondary rights for both the Ngok and Misseriya;
  3. The two parties lay equal claim to the shared areas and accordingly it is reasonable and equitable to divide the Goz between them and locate the northern boundary at a straight line at approximately latitude 10º 22΄30΄΄ N.  The western boundary shall be the Kordofan/Darfur boundary as it was defined on 1 January 1956.  The southern boundary shall be the Kordofan-Bahr el-Ghazal-Upper Nile boundary as it was defined on 1st January 1956.  The eastern boundary shall extend the line of the Kordofan-Upper Nile boundary at approximately longitude 29˚32΄15΄΄ E, northwards until it meets latitude 10˚22΄30΄΄ N;
  4. The northern and eastern boundaries will be identified and demarcated by a survey team comprising three professional surveyors: one nominated by the national government of the Sudan, one nominated by the Government of the Southern Sudan and one international surveyor nominated by IGAD.  The survey team will be assisted by one representative each from the Ngok and Misseriya and two representatives of the Presidency.  The Presidency shall send the nominations for this team to IGAD for final approval by the international experts;
  5. The Ngok and Misseriya shall retain their established secondary rights to the use of land north and south of this boundary.



Ambassador Donald Peterson
Professor Godfrey Muruiki
Professor Birhan Gassahun
Professor Douglas Johnson
Professor Shadrack Gutto


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