Al Reika-Frandella-Talodi Road opened

Um Serdiba, Nuba Mountains

On the occasion of the official opening, Brigadier General Jan Erik Wilhelmsen drove down the formerly disputed road from Frandella to Salamat. The JMC Chairman seized the opportunity to talk about the peace prospects and to congratulate both parties on their significant step towards peace.

The JMM/JMC delegation started the visit in Frandella, where they met the police and military authorities from SPLM/A side. Brigadier General Wilhelmsen thanked the representatives for their contribution to resolve the issues that were preventing freedom of movement during the past seven months.

The party was then invited to a Sudanese breakfast. After many words of gratitude and sharing the delicious meal, the convoy followed the former disputed road. At the last SPLM/A checkpoint the delegation stopped and talked to the police personnel. They confirmed they were aware of the new agreement. In Salamat, the Talodi authorities and a big crowd were awaiting the delegation. The colorful reception included tribal dances, the 89th Brigade military band playing and several speeches. The people showed their gratitude for restoring access for civilians and goods by the opening of the road.

Following the signature of the agreement two weeks ago, the al Reika-Frandella-Talodi road was officially opened on Monday, March 7, 2005. Through JMM/JMC mediation, several conflicts around the road had been settled. The road is an important supply route for several isolated villages, and it opens the direct connection between Kadugli and Talodi area.