The Joint Monitoring Mission Situation Report
27 August - 2September 2004


Commander's assessment

1. Assessment.
Nuba Mountains remains calm.

2. Concerns.
The Mission's greatest concern remains the current budgetary situation this was addressed at the FoNM meeting 2 September and JMC was directed by the meeting to develop a Budget action plan. This has been produced and letters have been sent to contributing countries that so required.

  1. JMC have for now ceased to inspections 15th Div. This, in anticipation of a formal letter from Commander Central Command explain his reasoning to JMC to not to comply with the direction given by Military Intelligence in Khartoum. JMC will then pursue the matter through higher formation and, politically, with the Friends of Nuba Mountains (FONM).
  2. The Karlanya killing of a nomad has achieved a partial settlement and regarding JMC the case is closed. This is largely due to steadfast perseverance by JMC Sector 2.
  3. The GOS car stolen by SPLA has resulted, for nearly 3 months, in GOS restrictions of all movement between Dilling and the Western Jebels. No progress can be reached in the case and the Mission will not further pursue a JMC facilitated solution. However, tension within SPLM controlled area against the perpetrator are building and JMC will continue to monitor the development
  4. The Increased JMC presence in the Frandella - Talodi area will take the form of Operation BORAM BADGER this, in order to monitor and possibly defuse the situation.

3. Intentions.
In addition to resolving the specific concerns above:

  1. To prepare the large number of planned visits and events during September.
  2. To seek a short familiarisation visit to the JMC by SRSG Mr Pronk and the incoming UN Force Commander.

4. Mines and Mine Clearing.

  1. Land Mine Action (LMA). Operations continued on Katcha AP minefield; cleared 823 m2 (no mines). Second team continued work on Krongo AP minefield; cleared 319 m2 (7 x No 4, 2 x 82mm mortars, 1 x RPG7).
  2. Danish Church Aid (DCA). DCA completed refresher training this week. JASMAR 1 and 2 commenced operations, while both OSIL teams (SPLA) were on strike, citing reasons of working in GoS areas rather than SPLA areas. Efforts to resolve strike activity included successful meetings with SLPA LO, UNMAS and DCA PM. Meeting with HoM, UNMAS and DCA conducted at JMC Sec 3 on 30 Aug, was very successful and positive. HoM provided overview of peace agreement and possible impact of Darfur crisis on peace talks. Road priorities discussed, in addition to UNMAS priorities. DCA provided update on resources, admin, log, budget, vehs and comms. Discussions included recognition of merit of combining SPLA / GoS demining teams, but this would require signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
  3. RONCO Consulting Corporation (JMM team). Response received from Dept of State indicating possible commitment of RONCO assets to Nuba region post WFP task in Rumbek. Letter further states interest by Dept of State to visit Nuba early Oct timeframe.
  4. Fondation Suisse de Deminage. FSD continued with conducting refresher training of team members and medics. FSD secured "Blue House" in Kadugli as base.
  5. Additional Mine Activities.
    1. The two SLIRI impact survey teams have continued with Impact Survey in Lagawa area (Sec 5), visiting eight mine affected villages.
    2. UNMAS manning increased by 1 international member, SRSA EOD Coordinator (Asa Wessel) arrived 27 Aug.
    3. UNMAS efforts continued to locate suitable office accommodation for approx 20 pers. Despite attempts to secure office space, UNMAS has opted for "container offices" in a semi-permanent setup. Discussions continue to select suitable site for placement of containers.
  6. MRE Activities.
  7. 1. DCA: OSIL and JASMAR MRE teams started refresher training and are integrated former mine victim into OSIL team.
    2. SC (US): Continued to conduct MRE in the GoS areas of the Nuba Mountains. SC(US) will conduct MRE in Katcha on 2 Sep 04.
    3. UNMAS MRE:
    a) MRE Associate coordinated 4-day MRE Workshop in Nuba early in Oct at IFAD facility.
    b) MRE Associate re-located from Kadugli to JMC Tillo office, to be integrated with UNMAS team.


  1. Food security. Last week's report mentioned the food security situation in Shatt Daman and Shatt Mazarik (Sector IV) where a total of 193 households (965 persons) missed the registration (and consequently the food distribution) due to their late arrival in the area, resulting in cases of malnutrition. World Food Programme's implementing partner, the Sudanese Red Crescent, distributed a two-month 50% food aid ration (or, to put it differently, one full month ration) among the 193 households, consisting of fortified flour (a corn-soy blend), pulses and salt.
  2. FAO and Ru'ya Association. Given that tropical diets are often unbalanced and deficient in protein (in pregnant mothers, babies and young children a protein shortage can lead to serious malnutrition), the importance of "jubaraka" (fields near the house: the domain of women) projects cannot be emphasized often enough. If well implemented, they address food imbalances while at the same time enabling women to sell the surplus at the local markets. Together with the Food and Agricultural Organisation the Ru'ya Organisation (a Nuba Mountains Women Organisation) will now expand its programme to four more villages in Lagawa (Sector II): Nimir Shago, Mehaila, Ladi and Karagadi. FAO provides the seeds (from green vegetables to tomatoes and beans) and tools with the Ru'ya Association in charge of training.
  3. UNICEF. Dr Samson Wassara and Eddie Thomas (consultants with UNICEF) visited this week the Nuba Mountains. One objective was to assess the impact of peace capacity building workshops (conducted for some time now) and other initiatives like cross-line meetings through discussions with authorities (both GoS and SPLM) and organisations (including JMC). Projects have increased. UNDP alone supported in 2003 four projects aimed at facilitating peace and trust building between and among communities and groups in conflict. A more recent example is the forthcoming "peace tour" this month of Kadugli secondary schools by the Umm Serdiba Youth Association. Among the subjects discussed were peace building, confidence building, grassroots reconciliation, dissemination of timely information about the peace negotiations (as JMC does via its flyers) and land issues. Another objective was to identify those organisations, which already have a presence on the ground, have good contacts and are well respected by both sides. They do not necessarily need to be "experts" in the field of peace and trust building activities as training can be provided, in which case quite a few organisations may qualify.
  4. Security Meeting. The biweekly security meeting will take place Monday 13 Sep at 1000hrs in the CIMIC Centre.

H M Granlund
Chief Operations Officer
For Head of Mission