Sudan, southern rebels renew Nuba Mountains ceasefire

July 20 (AFP)

The Khartoum government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) have renewed for the sixth time a six-month ceasefire covering the Nuba mountains, Khartoum newspapers reported Tuesday.

The Joint Military Committee chairman was quoted as telling a press conference in the Nuba town of Kauda on Monday that the JMC's mandate would be extended until next January, monitoring any violations and helping in building confidence between the two parties.

Norwegian Brigadier General Jan Erik Wilhelmsen said the JMC is prepared to hand its mandate over to the United Nations before its expiry, as soon as a final peace agreement is reached between the government and the SPLM.

He said no violations of the ceasefire were reported in the region during the most recent period, which he described as stable.