Sudan Assitance Bulletin Issue No. 28
Selected news

Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sudan
15 June, 2004



Reconciliation conference in Kadugli
UNICEF is providing support to the state government in Kadugli for a conference on reconciliation and the revival of traditional alliances between the Nuba and different groups of Arab nomads who pass through South Kordofan seasonally. The conference is planned for mid June and will involve some 200 people including leaders from the nomad groups in North Kordofan, West Kordofan and White Nile.[...]


The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will allocate an additional €1.4 million to WFP for the year 2004 for its operations for Sudanese refugees in Chad. France has also funded a vocational training centre in Kauda Fok (Nuba Mountains, SPLM/A area) with €90,952 from its Social Development Fund Framework. This project is part of ASAP 2004. [...]


Nuba Mountains
WFP has continued its general food distribution in the Nuba Mountains. The agency distributed food targeting 27,328 beneficiaries in Ildo and Kumbur at the end of May 2004. Distribution has been completed in Julud and Lagawa in the Western Jebels and is on-going in Lado and Kawalib. WFP has also released 30 metric tons of CSB-corn and Soya beans to the State Ministry of Health for distribution. A WFP convoy of 13 lorries transporting 344.4 metric tons of food items for WFP’s general distribution arrived in Kauda from El Obeid using the ‘Humanitarian Highway’ during the last week of May 2004.

FAO has secured 62 metric tons of crop seeds to be distributed in Kadugli and Dilling and plans to secure an additional 20 metric tons of local sorghum for distribution to the areas.

Rashad County: FAO has purchased seeds from government-controlled areas to be distributed in SPLM/A areas. The agency, in coordination with Concern Worldwide, is distributing a total of 16.6 metric tons of various field crops (groundnuts, sesame, cowpeas and maize) in Rashad County through village seed banks.

Concern Worldwide purchased 20 metric tons of sorghum seeds from government-controlled areas and is presently distributing the seeds through established village seed banks to targeted beneficiaries in Rashad County. 5,000 metal sheets are also being distributed for agricultural implements.

Western Jebels: The Nuba Relief and Rehabilitation Development Organization (NRRDO) and Fellowship for African Relief (FAR) are distributing a total of 23 metric tons of various field crops purchased by FAO to beneficiaries in the Western Jebels.

Medair has opened a PHCU in Al Kook. The clinic was rehabilitated with the community’s assistance. The Wali Clinic, also in Western Jebels, is near completion.

Abu Gibeha: Save the Children US (SC-US) is catering for IDPs, particularly children and the elderly, who have fled from Upper Nile due to tribal fighting and have taken refuge in Abu Gibeha. This is being done through the agency’s branch office in the area.


FAR Animal Traction Training
FAR plans to conduct animal traction training in governmnet and SPLM/A areas of the Nuba Mountains. A total of 300 beneficiaries will benefit from the training.