Agency worried over Nuba

By Jacob Idris
Sudan Mirror
Volume 1, Issue 13 | 29th March-11th April, 2004

A UN team visiting the Nuba Mountains has expressed concern over peace in the region.

The UN officials, representing military, political and logistic departments visited Nuba Mountains to collect relevant information on what the Nuba people require from the UN if a comprehensive peace agreement is signed.

The team said it was concerned about the Nuba Mountains and the security situation on the ground.

They appealed to the authorities and people to provide them with relevant information on what the people will need during the six years of the Interim Period.

“We are very much concerned about the Nuba people and we are here to learn and familiarize with the situation in Nuba Mountains so as to pave the way for the United Nations operations if the peace is signed,” the team said.

Mr Simon Kalo, the acting Governor of Nuba Mountains, said the last agreement on security arrangements mentioned the withdrawal of SPLA troops to the South but was silent about whether the Government troops would withdraw from Nuba Mountains towards the North or not.

The UN team asked the participants whether they believed the two forces of the Joint Integrated Units (JIU) can operate without the intervention of the international community.

The Nuba unanimously called for the international community to intervene by bringing peacekeeping forces into Nuba Mountains to guarantee the security in the area.

A long list of needs was pointed out in a 25-minute meeting for the main eight regional departments, county commissioners, county executive officers, and agencies working in the Nuba Mountains.

They called for equity in areas of development, power sharing and wealth sharing.

“We need agricultural facilities to enable the Nuba people to move towards self-reliance and also reserve food for the expected family members coming from the camps,” the officials said. The UN should provide food and facilitate transport for the southerners who are expected to leave the capital city and join their families in Nuba territory during the the Interim Period.

They asked the UN to facilitate transport and resettlement, repatriation and rehabilitation facilities for the Nuba people who are expected to come back to develop the region. “The UN should support the building of physical infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, water and provide schools and health facilities,” they said.