SPLM/A-Nuba Leaders in Disarray

February 29, 2004 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Tense differences and confrontation have erupted among the Nuba leaders in the SPLM/A. The friction came as a result of the on-going peace talks between the Government and SPLM/A on how to resolve the Nuba Mountains issue in Naivasha. The Nuba leaders have broken up into three groups.

The first is headed by the SPM/A Governor of Nuba Mountains, Commander Abdel Aziz Al Hillu. The second group is headed by Dr. Ahmed Saeed Abdel Rahim and Ammar Amoum, Commissioner Talishy County and Chief of SPLM/A Military Intelligence, while the third faction is led by Telephone Kuku who is in charge of Logistics in the SPLA General Command.


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