Peace talks made little progress

Mar 03, 2004 (Sudan Tribune)

The secretary-general of the ruling National Congress (NC), Ibrahim Ahmad Omar, said the issue of the three disputed regions has made a little progress, however, there is hope that a decisive conclusion will be made.

Omar came back from the Kenyan town of Naivasha, where he attended the peace talks, yesterday evening.

At his arrival at Khartoum airport Omar told the press, he met the delegations leaders with whom he discussed the peace process and the issue of partnership between the government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM).

In the meeting with John Garang and his delegation members, "we held extensive discussions on Sudan's future".

"We all know that after the peace agreement, the most crucial issue will be the implementation of the peace agreement. This will require a great deal of mutual understanding and trust." He added

He indicated that there are two committees at present. The first is dealing with the pending issues that are the three disputed regions (Abyei, the Nuba mountains, southern Blue Nile), the second one is dealing with the partnership between the NC and the SPLM.

As for the issue of partnership, which the NC discussed extensively with the SPLM, "we focused on the SPLM and the NC roles and we stressed that Sudan really needs peace".

Peace talks are facing a difficult time, with regard to the pending issues.

This was the reason for the US assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Charles Snyder, and the British envoy, Alan Goulty, to extend their visit to Sudan, to help the two parties overcome obstacles.