Sudan government, rebels expected to strike deal on disputed regions today

Jan 23, 2004 (Sudanese radio)

The government and the rebel [Sudan People's Liberation] Movement [SPLM] delegations are expected to reach an agreement on the two disputed regions of the Southern Blue Nile and Nuba [Mountains] today.

In an interview with Radio Omdurman, Dr Amin Hasan Omar, a member of government's negotiating delegation, said that the agreement is now in its final stage. He said that the agreement will include issues regarding the sharing of powers, how to set up a fund aimed at developing the two regions, besides other issues related to self- administration.

Regarding Abyei Region [the status of which is also in dispute], Dr Amin Hasan Omar said that the dialogue on this particular issue is being handled by a joint committee [between the government and the SPLM], which is expected to present its report to the leadership meeting, which comprises First Vice-President Ustadh [honorific] Ali Uthman Muhammad Taha and Col John Garang, leader of the SPLM, today.

BBC Monitoring Newsfile