Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no.18

Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sudan
15 January 2004

Training on Water Harvest Techniques

FAO has recently conducted a survey in December with the objective of collecting information on water harvesting needs and identifying ideal sites for implementing water-harvesting activities in South Kordofan.

Farmers from two villages, one south and the other north of Kadugli, were selected for field training. The participants of the training included farmers (men and women) in addition to representative from the State Ministry of Agriculture. The main objective of the training is to transfer to the communities' simple and easily replicable water harvesting techniques (e.g. contour dykes around farms, terracing, small dams). Participants will be provided with simple tools to apply simple water harvesting in their villages.

FAO Malakal field staff conducted a Community Trypanosomiasis Control training in Nasir (Eastern Upper Nile) from 8-14 January 04, a refresher training of 15 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) is currently underway in Lagawa (West Kordofan). FAO also distributed veterinary equipment, 40,350 doses of HS and Black Quarter (BQ) vaccines and 2,296 units of veterinary equipment x-line to Julud, to Dilling and Kadugli.

Capacity Building of Blacksmiths

FAO has recently completed the third blacksmiths training in the Nuba Mountains. The training will focus on improving the skills of blacksmiths in producing farming tools with an introduction on producing animal traction units. Tools produced during the training will be distributed to beneficiaries during 2004. The training will continue for ten days and blacksmiths will be supported with blacksmith tool kits after the training.