Breakthrough deal reached between north and south Sudan

Jan 06, 2004 (dpa)

Sudan's government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) agreed a deal Tuesday on equal redistribution of wealth for the north and south based on oil and non-oil revenues, reports said.

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir congratulated the SPLA leader Doctor John Garang de Mobior for the move reached on the issue of re-distribution of wealth between the north and the south for the coming six-year period.

Sudan Television broadcast a joint communique issued by the warring parties at the table in Naivasha, Kenya announcing to the people of Sudan and the international community that they have agreed on a system of monetary policies, administration of oil and distribution of oil and non-oil revenues.

The terms reached also include rehabilitation, development, and reconstruction of the south and other war-affected areas in Sudan.

Under the deal the two parties will divide oil revenues equally.

According to the plan, the central government of the south and other local governments in ten southern states are to make use of oil revenues for developmental, rehabilitation and reconstruction of areas. In addition to this two per cent of oil revenues will be allocated to an oil area.

The opposition welcomed the deal saying it constitutes an advanced step on the path to a final deal to end 20 years of war in the country.

Al-Bashir expressed what he called his heartfelt desire for the warring parties to sign a comprehensive peace agreement soon.

Discussions on power-sharing and other contentious issues are expected to proceed later Tuesday, Sudan T.V. quoted government negotiator Amin Hassan Omer as saying.