The position of Nuba people in the UK and France with regards to the recent ongoing peace negotiations in Nivasha.

Sunday, 5th January 2004


1. Reaffirming the commitment to the right of Self-determination for the Nuba people in the Sudan.
2. Recognising the historic all Nuba conference which took place in Kauda on the 5th December 2002 and its resolutions in settling the conflict in the Nuba Mountains region.
3. Realising the Nuba cultural diversity and religious tolerance as valuable attributes that should be treasured and protected at all times.
4. Recalling the historical injustices suffered by the Nuba people as exemplified by slavery, economic and political marginalisation, cultural
discrimination and religious persecution and mass ethnic cleansing.
6 Aspiring for political emancipation from all shackles of oppression, exploitation and marginalisation.
7. Recalling the sacrifices of the Nuba people for the cause of liberation.
8. Reaffirming our support for the IGAD peace process

Hereby present the following position on the resolution of the Sudan's conflict, with particular emphasis on the Nuba question:

Nuba position on the comprehensive resolution of the Sudan's Conflict:

The problem of the Nuba Mountains is central to the Sudanese conflict and should not be viewed differently from that of Southern Sudan.

1. The Nuba questions should be resolved along the same lines as that of the South in order to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Sudan's
conflict within the IGAD peace process.
2. The Nuba people strongly demand the right for self determination and a referendum by the end of the interim period to decide on the following
(a) Join the southern entity
(b) Join the northern entity
(c) Opt for an independent state

1. Nuba demand separation of religion from state, recognition of cultural diversity, democracy and respect of all internationally recognised human rights conventions, including equal rights for women, an independent judiciary, freedom of speech and a central role for civil society.
2. The Nuba people demand that the region be administered as part of the southern entity under SPLM jurisdiction during the interim period, after
which they decide on their future through a referendum
3. The Nuba demand that their region be renamed officially as "Nuba Mountains Region" to replace the old name of Southern Kordofan and shall
include the whole of the present borders of Southern Kordofan, Lagawa and El-Higeirat in Western Kordofan and Jebel al-Daeir in northern

Peace Sustainability:

To achieve a just and sustainable peace accord that makes the unity option more attractive, there must be a fundamental restructuring of the system of governance at the central level. Therefore, any peace deal reached must guarantee the following:

1. The people of the Nuba Mountains shall have full control in running the affairs of their region
2. Nuba people shall have a meaningful participation at all levels of the central/national government
3. The Nuba Mountains region shall have autonomous regional powers and full control of education policy and curriculum
4. Any peace agreement shall provide for a special Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Development Fund for the Nuba Mountains
5. Nuba Mountains Region shall have its own legislature and constitution, in which all internationally recognised human rights protocols are enshrined
6. Any agreement must recognise the Nuba customary ownership of land and natural resources
7. Capacity building
8. Intensive Resettlement programme of the internally displace persons

Signed by:

Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad (NMSA) / United Kingdom.
Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad (NMSA) / France.