Oil wells found in Nuba mountains

By Sudan Mirror Correspondent
Volume 1, Issue 4 | 17th November-30th November, 2003

Oil has been discovered in the Nuba Mountains region.

Reliable sources confirmed to The Sudan Mirror the discovery of 24 oil wells in eight different locations in Dilliny County and Kadugli County.

The areas identified to have oil wells include Oil Lake in Umbalila (12 wells), Kurungu (one well), Katirke (one), Elharazaya (one), Umadara (two), Umsharmoge Hills (two), Abutulu (five) and Abulikri (one).

It is not yet confirmed when and how the wells were explored, but local authorities said some of the 24 wells had been marked and others already exploited.

Additional pipes were connected from the new oil wells to the main pipeline linking the main oil field in Heglig with Port Sudan.

The 1,600-kilometer pipeline connecting the Heglig with Port Sudan passes the middle of Nuba Mountains region along the main road at Keilak and Keiga through Dilliny to el-Obeid.

The large number of oil wells marks the growing significance of the Nuba Mountains region.

The Nuba Mountains have been marginalised in terms of development and services for a very long time by many subsequent governments of Sudan. The discovery of oil may bring to economic significance to the Nuba.