Nuba and Funj people dissatisfied with security pact arrangement

By Jacob Idris,
Sudan Mirror Correspondent
Volume 1, Issue 3 | 3rd November-16th November, 2003

The Security arrangement agreement, signed on 25th September, 2003 between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Government of Sudan (GOS), raised some doubts on the future of the two regions of Nuba Mountains and Funj. A committee from these regions, representing political, military and civil leadership, presented a position paper on 19th October, 2003 to a team of SPLM delegation to the Sudan Peace talks in Naivasha to echo their dissatisfaction.

The paper explained the concern of these two regions in the current peace talks and blamed the SPLM for abdicating from the negotiations and peace agreements that have been signed starting from the SPLM Convention in Chukudum 1994, the IGAD Declaration of Principles (DOP) and the Asmara Declaration, which affirmed the right to self-determination to various peoples of the Sudan.

The paper also reminded the SPLM delegates that negotiation on behalf of the two regions should be based on the resolution reached in the all Nuba Conference at Kauda, in December 2002, and the all Funj Conference in the same month at Dem-Mansour. The resolutions reached in these conferences mandated the SPLM to negotiate on behalf of Nuba Mountains and Funj on condition that their right to self-determination, equal distribution of power and wealth sharing and the right to own land is assured.

The main objective of the meeting was to boost the position of the two regions at the negotiation table. The SPLM team comprised of Cdr. Nial Deng (Head of the SPLM delegation), Cdr.Dr Riak Machar, Cdr. Elijah Malok and Cdr. Michael Mayom (of legal affairs). They had an interactive discussion with the representatives of Nuba Mountains and Funj in Naivasha. The Nuba and Funj committee was unhappy with the outcome of the security arrangement, especially paragraph 3 point C, which stated that the excess of 3000 SPLA forces deployed in the Joint/Integrated Units in Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile will be redeployed south of the South/North border of 1/1/1956. The Sudanese community in Nairobi rejected the 1/1/1956 border in 2002.