Update on negotiation over Nuba area

Email by Kambal Mohammed
21 Oct 2003

Dear Brothers

For two days 18 and 19th Oct we met our delegation in Navasha in a heated debate to clear-up eyes from the dizziness that conceal our issues as Nuba.

As we sensed a kind of negligence or rather unseriousness from them towards the vivid issue of self-determination: the northerners are arrogantly undermining our case and more keen to delay it till maybe after the interim period, as they said clearly that Nuba Mountains and Funj lands are parts of the north and for that:
- treat both areas accordingly with more concentration on development.
- the head of the state council during the interim period
- the two areas to compete for a single seat

GOS position.
- Local autonomy a little bit empowered and chaired by a government appointed person and that person might not be of Nuba origin or even related to the area ..
- Legislations to be made in close coordination with other regions and consideration for the diversities . specifically Sharia Laws.
- Wealth sharing in accordance with criteria set-up to all other regions.
- Denial of self-determination to Nuba/Funj in whatever sense.
- The two regions will lay during the interim period under the VP assuming that would be Dr. John .
- Abyei district was attached to Kordofan by administrative order and should be returned to Bahralgazal in the same order (we learned the two side came to a deadlock).

A new element has came to existence in regard to the oil in Sudan: 8 new oil sites been exploited as follows :
1- Umbalila (oil lake) 12 wells.
2- Kurungu one well.
3- Katirke one wel.
4- Elharazaiya two well.
5- Umadara one well .
6- Umsharmoge hills two wells .
7- Abutulu five wells .
8- Abulikri one well.
All these wells and lake now are fully functioning!!

From all these elements we have got the sense that may be there is a sell out .. We should not wait till that time .. The international community has exerted high pressure on SPLM to observe other things like the fate of Jonathan Savimpi of Namibia ..Any one might find the same fate!

Our question was whether The SPLM would be in position to take fallback daring stand, should the three contested areas came to block a deal for the south ..? The answer for the question pending the visit of the US secretary of state on Wednesday 21st Oct 2003 (today). We learned that yesterday the Nuba question was on the table but nothing yet has come out..

On the 19th we sat to Dr. Riek Machar and Nihial Deng and Alija Maluk and Malik and Abdelaziz as delegated by the chairman of SPLM to listen to us and try to alleviate some of our concerns. We together with the Funj, did jointly address the committee frankly. Most of them did not like the tune of our logics, but assured us positively that nothing of a sell out would be thought of.

We did present a very good stand in support of SPLM delegation here and listened to their comments. We are waiting to meet Dr. John any time from now on. News are encouraging.

Dear brothers; it is a turning point for us either to be... or be forgotten for ever. It is your turn now to make a move and support us and make your voices heard. We did act responsible up to now, but one day we should collectively make a move.. as the regime of NIF is trying cunningly to deprive us of our legitimate rights.

We formed a committee for follow up and in session although till the end of the negotiations. Any development I will try to keep you informed.