Nuba Radio

From: "Pete Stover"
To: "Kamil Makki"
CC: "Mohamed Walid" , "NRRDO" , "Julie Crosen" , "Brad Phillips" , "Livingstone Kiniaru"
Subject: Nuba Radio
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 11:55:03 -0400


Perhaps you have heard by now, the Nuba radio station went on air 22 June with test programming for two days then it started broadcasting "officially" on 25 June at 8 pm. While the coverage was not equal to what the station had during testing, we believe this is limited in part to atmospheric conditions during the current SW season and the technical facility that exists.

The staff was doing very well after our training for two weeks but they still wanted more training as we were leaving. We will return at a later date to help after they have been on the air a few months.

Mr. Saddig Mansour El-Nair is the information secretary and has been coordinating the station activities while the new manager who just arrived on 26 June is getting settled. Saddig wanted me to inform you that there are various media needs there:

1. More mini-disc recorders.

I bought them one in Amsterdam en route to the area. The model is Sony mini disc MZ-N710 Two or three more units at this time would be useful, although there were 9 journalists who were working at the station when we left.

They will also need mini-discs for the recorders: Model #MDW80PL or similar. Several packs of six or 10 per pack would be useful. The following microphone for the mini-disc recorders is also necessary: Sony Stereo Microphone ECM-MS907

The mini-disc recorders operate on "AA" batteries. They could use a supply of those, too. All of these items are available at shops in the Netherlands.

2. We have a concern about the transmitter system. While the system that was sold by Bestworx is flexible and the frequency can be changed, it is not a broadcast quality transmitter. We were discussing this matter with the Governor, Walid, and Saddig. They might discover that the HF radio-type system will not provide a very long life.

We are interested in helping to resolve this matter. I will send a proposal to Walid and copy it to you in the next few days.

3. Various materials to begin a media information center at Luwere.

4. Email system which I believe Walid and others are chasing already.

Please communicate with Saddig via Walid about these matters. He will appreciate it very much.

Concerning EMC's (Educational Media Corporation's) involvement, we have already given the project the following items at no financial cost:

1. 360 Systems Shortcut digital editing workstation - $3,500.00
2. Tascam CDRW4U - CD-Recorder/Burner - $400.00
3. Taiyo-Yuden Blank CD-Rs (100) - $50.00
4. Hosa CDL 313 Coaxial Data Link - $250.00
5. Various Hosa digital and analog cables and adapters - $200.00
6. Sony MDR 710 Mini-Disc (see above), 6-pack of mini-discs, and 8-pack of batteries - $250.00
7. Special Christian music and drama program materials, in Arabic and English, which we left with Saddig with instructions on how these mateials can be integrated into the general programming format - $300.00
8. 160 hours (3 person team) of instruction, training, consulting, etc. 17-26 June for approximately 30 announcers, journalists and technicians in a "crash course" in program strategy, broadcast operations, and production technique. Value undetermined.

As you know, our work at EMC is strictly voluntary. We provide our services and materials at no cost other than food and lodging while in the field. However, we wanted to provide this report so that you know of our interest and commitment to media in the Nuba.

We enjoyed working with everyone during our days in the Nuba and look forward to working together again.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Peter Stover