One Man Dead and Another in a Coma

Sudan Organisation Against Torture
SOAT Press Release: 7 July 2003

SOAT has received confirmed information that Mr. Jum'a Omer Alnur, 31, who was arrested on 19 May in Dongola, Northern Sudan, by the National Security Agency, is in a critical condition in hospital. He was arrested along with 4 other people; all of them belong to the Nuba ethnic group. Mr. Jum'a, who is a tailor by trade and a political activist, is reported to have been severely tortured and currently he is in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit of Khartoum Teaching Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital after his health severely deteriorated due to the torture inflicted on him by ten NSA's agents

Anther man who was arrested with him, Mr. Awad Ibrahim Gamar, a graduate and a restaurant employee, was also severely tortured. It was reported that Mr. Awad has died after 24 hours in custody according to Amnesty International. For more detail see AI urgent action of 17 June 2003 UA 172/03 - "AI index: AFR54/043/2003"

SOAT has received confirmation that NSA officers participated in the torture of Mr. Jum'a using instruments such as a water pipe, an electric wire and a stick. Acid was also thrown onto his body. He was subsequently transferred to the Kidney Unit of Khartoum Hospital on 23 June after his health deteriorated and to the Abdominal Unit on 26 June. Later on the same day, Mr. Jum'a fell into a coma and was taken to Intensive Care.


Mr. Awad and Mr. Jum'a were arrested along with 3 other men: Abu Nagi Al Amin Alnur, Jum'a Mahmoud and Ramadan Ismail on may 19 while they were attending a meeting at Mr. Omar's house . The men have reportedly been accused of being traitors and attempting to incite the people of the Nuba against the Sudanese government.

Mr. Awad's body was sent to his family and received by the tribal leaders. There was no medical assessment or a post mortem examination.

Abu Nagi Al Amin Alnur, Jum'a Mahmoud and Ramadan Ismail continue to be held in detention without access to family or lawyers. SOAT is gravely concerned that they are also being subjected to torture and maltreatment.

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