UN launches database of humanitarian information

27 June (IRIN)

The United Nations on Friday launched the first database of available socio-economic information on Sudan, with a view to assisting the humanitarian effort in the country.

The UN Sudan Transition and Recovery Database, known as Starbase, contains information on demography, agro-ecological zones, administrative bodies, security, displacement and operational agencies and programmes. The sectors included are food security, education, health, water and infrastructure.

"I hope that Starbase will be useful to all of us in our shared endeavour to bring effective and well-targeted assistance to the people of the Sudan," said the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mukesh Kapila,
in a statement.

In southern Sudan the information is presented at county level, while in northern Sudan, it is at state level. So far, 11 reports are available.

Kapila said the database would act as a central depository of information, intended to aid planning and monitoring, as well as identify gaps and help judge the impact of humanitarian and development interventions.

"There's lots of fragmented information around," commented Ben Parker, spokesman for Kapila. "It's a chance for everyone to have the same starting point with information that has the same format, is properly edited,
sourced and clearly presented."

"We hope it will avoid waste and duplication," he added.

To view the website see www.unsudanig.org