The Conference of the Marginalized Majority in Sudan
Hattingen, Federal Republic of Germany, 4 - 6 April 2003

The Political Declaration

In these days of major events and important juncture being experienced by our country, the first Conference of the Marginalized Majority in Sudan was held in Hattingen, Federal Republic of Germany, under the theme of: "The Unity of the Marginalized Majority is a call for saving the Sudan"

Delegates attended the Conference from inside and outside the Sudan: Europe, USA, Australia, the Gulf States and East Africa. Conscious of the important role to be played by the oppressed majority in making a historic transformation in these tragic days that are being experienced by the country, and profoundly moved by what has become of Sudan in all aspects of life politically, economically and socially as well as the continuation of the longest civil war in the world thus reducing such a giant of a country to such degrading positions in all aspects of life - the delegates have therefore deliberated over three days of extensive meetings rich with useful well reasoned arguments and responsible dialogue around the following issues:

1. The historical reasons that brought into being the marginalization of the largest sections of Sudanese society in all the political, economic and social fields, the monopoly of power and wealth, public positions and basic services.

2. The strategic and real issues such as the problems of human rights, the relationship of religion and the state, women rights, equal and even development, the criteria and means of distribution of basic services, real democracy and the ideal system of governance for the country, notwithstanding the principles of the right to self-determination and its organic relation to voluntary unity, the importance of holding the Constitutional Conference prior to which the need for holding of regional conferences where the people of Sudan shall participate with all their categories and affiliations.

3. The motives for unifying, mobilising and organising the marginalized majority of Sudan to achieve some fundamental change on the basis and balance of power at every level of governance for the purpose of ensuring the voluntary unity of Sudan on new basis.

Resolutions and Fundamental Principles

We the marginalized of Sudan hereby declare on this day of Sunday, 6th April 2003 the formation of "The Sudan Union of the Marginalized Majority" and to these ends have therefore resolved the following:

1. Assert that the fragmentation and division of Sudan has become a looming danger under existing circumstances and that a just permanent peace shall not be realised without the full participation of the marginalized majority.

2. State our determination to end the domination of the centre and its ongoing marginalization of the majority through diligent and continuous work.

3. Work to achieve justice and equality by way of separating political powers and fair distribution of resources between all the peoples of Sudan.

4. Establish a real democracy and peaceful means of transferring power at every level of governance in the country on the basis of a social contract that guarantees justice and equality between all the peoples of Sudan irrespective of their various ethnic, religious, political or cultural backgrounds.

5. Establish balanced foreign policies that are genuinely conscious of the reality of Sudan, the enduring principles of friendly relations and the strategic interests of Sudan.

6. Affirm and ensure the principles of respecting and promoting human rights for all the peoples of Sudan according to the regional and international conventions, instruments and laws.

7. Affirm and ensure the principles of respecting and promoting human rights for women and children according to the regional and international conventions, instruments and laws.

8. Commit ourselves to do the necessary work of reconstructing the Sudanese social fabrics and the ideals of peaceful coexistence and tolerance in accordance with the Sudanese peoples' own fine conventions and traditions as expressed within their various respective cultures.

The Mechanisms of Political Work

Within the framework of the mechanisms of political work and programmes, the Conference has therefore debated and passed the following Resolutions:

1. The mobilisation and organisation of the marginalized majority has become an extremely urgent priority worthy of sacrificing everything in order to free up the country from every form of injustice, marginalization, exploitation and to seek with every confidence and ability creating the Sudan of the future that shall enduringly remain the pride of its people in the north, south, east or west.

2. The imperatives of political work of the Sudan Union of the Marginalized Majority demand for it to have a leading role for raising the public awareness of the peoples of Sudan, the regional and international communities about what has become of the conditions of Sudan, the consequences of the chronic political crisis and the suffering resulting from the longest civil war in the world. The time has therefore come for the forces of the marginalized majority of Sudan in the rural and urban areas, within professional and trade unions, women groups, youth and civil society organisations to rise up and eradicate the barriers of apathy, despair and oppression and to move on with confidence and pride without being discouraged by whatever difficulties or challenges for the greater purpose of creating the Sudan of honour and dignity; thus overlooking towards such ends all the factors of ethnic, religious or party partisanships for the sake of attaining the greater objectives and ideals.

3. The Conference supports every serious national contribution being made in any part of Sudan that is aimed at removing the vestiges of injustice as well as achieving justice and freedom for all the peoples of Sudan; and, confirm its principled support of every sincere effort during such critically trying times which are being lived by the country.

4. The Conference assert the imperativeness of developing policies and programmes on such scientific and practical basis that are well researched and studied in all fields or levels in whatever may be of interest or concern to the Sudanese peoples.

5. The Conference delegates resolved to form the necessary structures for achieving these national objectives, and in the light of so doing a Provisional Advisory Council has been elected and a Provisional Secretariat has been appointed in order to run the affairs of the Union in the interim period until the holding of the general conference of the Sudan Union of the Marginalized Majority.

6. The Conference delegates listened to the detailed briefing given by Dr. Costello Garang Riny, the SPLM Commissioner for International Cooperation, around the ongoing Sudanese peace talks in Kenya under the auspices of IGAD. The Conference appreciated and praised the national strategic perspectives on the basis of which the SPLM has been conducting its longstanding struggles. While the Conference supports the ongoing talks at Machakos, but it has however expressed concerns that the absence of the marginalized majority from all regions of Sudan in such processes shall stand on the way of achieving a just, lasting and a comprehensive peace. The holding of the conference of the marginalized majority creates new unavoidable realities, that makes it impossible of seeing the Sudanese problems in dual terms - north and south - and therefore effective and meaningful solutions for the Sudanese crisis demand real participation by the marginalized majority and the other political forces in a manner that satisfies the aspirations and expectations of the peoples of Sudan.

7. The Delegates call upon the peoples of Sudan as a whole to support the Sudan Union of the Marginalized Majority, as it is the real way out from the chronic political crisis being suffered by the Sudan since independence.

8. The Delegates call upon the neighbouring countries, Arab states, African states, all other states throughout the world, regional and international organisations and civil society institutions to support and stand by the efforts of the peoples of Sudan through the marginalized majority in pursuance of peace, stability and development.

Finally, the Delegates recalled in their deliberations the history of the peoples of Sudan, their struggles, sacrifices and peaceful coexistence that have been characteristic of the peoples of Sudan throughout history. The Conference has been exceptionally outstanding in qualitative terms, its attendance, the critical issues raised and the potential solutions that have been arrived at - which collectively constitute one of the sincerest national efforts for the peoples of Sudan in their long and arduous journey for the making of a free and a stable nation.

The Delegates have pledged to remain loyal and committed to work and continue with the struggle inspired by the letter and spirit of this Declaration, as it constitutes the theoretical and fundamental principles for the comprehensive and just solutions for the Sudanese problems.

The Signatories of the Declaration:

Mr Aldo Ajou Deng
The Sudan Commission for Human Rights

Dr. Faroug Ahmed Adam
DUP, Reform and Institutionalism Movement

Dr. Khalil Mohamed Ibrahim
President, Justice and Equality Movement

Dr. Mansour Yousif El-Agab Abu Gin
Former Parliamentarian and Chair, SHRO

Dr. Sharif Abdalla Harir
Deputy President, Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance

Dr. Ali Al-Hag Ahmed
Deputy Secretary-General and Political Secretary, National Popular Congress

Dr. El-Hassan Mustafa Ahmed
Beja Congress

Dr. Idris Adam Mohamed Ali
The People of Darfur Abroad

Mr. Deng Ajak
The Kush Association

Mr. Fidaili Jammaa
The People of Kordofan Abroad

Dr. Costello Garang Riny
Commissioner for International Cooperation, SPLM

Nureldin Sharif
DUP, Reform and Institutionalism Movement