The JMC wish to inform that a shooting incident took place at the now twice weekly Kurci Market (near Umm Siddiba), in an SPLM/Nuba controlled area; the clash was between two Shenabala nomads and SPLM individuals (no casualties were reported). They were pursued into the Atoro valley by an armed SPLM patrol.

A JMM team composed of internationals, GOS and SPLM/Nuba monitors quickly evaluated the situation; JMC Hq immediately sent an helicopter with senior JMC official composed of GOS, SPLM/Nuba and internationals, in order to search for the Shenabala, who were heading toward the GOS controlled area. The JMM/JMC team briefed the GOS Police Cmder of that area and requested him to send a patrol; and also instructed SPLM to return to their area. On Wednesday an extraordinary JMC meeting will take place.

JMC would like to underline that this event is an individual incident undertaken by unscrupulous individuals determined to continue to disturb the life of the civil society. It is not an incident between GOS and SPLM/Nuba and no amalgam should be made.

However, JMC would like to remind that according to the Nuba Mountains Cease-Fire Agreement (CFA), the Parties shall exercise control over all armed groups other than their own forces within their respective zones of control. (art.II/5); the Parties shall ensure that armed groups operating alongside their troops or on the territory under their control comply with the processes leading to the dismantling of those groups (art.III/3).

The Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM) and the Joint Military Commission (JMC) is the international organization supervising the implementation of the 'Nuba Mountains Cease-Fire Agreement' CFA, which was signed in Burgenstock, in Switzerland, on January 19th, 2002, between the Government of Sudan (GOS) and the Sudan's People Liberation Movement/Nuba (SPLM/Nuba). The CFA then was prolonged by the Parties till January 19th 2003, and recently till July 19th 2003.

The 'Nuba Mountains Cease-fire agreement' (CFA) has been in effect for about eleven months. JMM/JMC is composed of internationals and of representatives of the GOS and of the SPLM/Nuba working in integrated teams. The approach of the JMM/JMC mission has been as an impartial and neutral facilitator. This has proved to be a determinant factor in the holding of the Cease-Fire.