Complex Emergency Situation Report #5 (FY 2002)

US Agency for International Development (USAID)
14 Aug 2002


Nuba Mountains
In June 2002, a USAID-funded tractor, engaged in humanitarian activities, ran over a landmine in the Nuba Mountains, killing six people and wounding several others. Investigations to determine if the landmine was newly laid have not been conclusive, but the incident raises concerns about the sharing of information between security organs and humanitarian operations.

Until late May 2002, GOS procedural delays in new flight arrangements into the Nuba Mountains severely restricted the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Nuba population in SPLM areas. However, since late May 2002, the Joint Military Commission (JMC) has assumed responsibility for flight authorizations into the
Nuba Mountains and humanitarian assistance has been arriving on a timely basis.

The GOS and SPLM agreed to extend the Nuba Mountains cease-fire agreement for six months, starting June 20. The signing of the original agreement on January 19, has decreased the threat of military attack on the Nuba population, enhanced population movement in the area, and increased the return of some IDPs from government-held areas.