Humanitarian aid surveys begin at Nuba mountains

Jan 02, 2002 (SUNA)

The Commission for Humanitarian Aid, USAID and national and foreign organizations Wednesday began surveying at the Nuba Mountains area in South Kordofan State and Lgawa area in West Kordofan for assessment of the humanitarian requirements in the area, said the Director of the Emergency Administration at the Commission for Humanitarian Aid, Khalid Faraj.

He said in a statement to SUNA that five technical teams began work on Wednesday at Kadogli, Dillinj, Hayban, Rashad, Abu-Jebaiha, Talodi in South Kordofan and Lagawa Province in West Kordofan.

He explained that the United Nations will commence on Wednesday surveys at rebel-held areas.

Faraj said that a joint report will be worked out by the government and UN after concluding the two-week surveys.

He added that the surveys cover the fields of agriculture, animal resources, health, education, water, roads and food needs, prior to directing a call for rehabilitation and development at the area.