President al-Bashir announces acceptance of US proposals for Nuba mountains

Dec 19, 2001 (SUNA)

President of the Republic Gen. Omer Al-Bashir announced that the government accepted the American proposals with respect to the Nuba Mountains for objective reasons, part of them is to ensure the flow of relief stuff from inside the Sudan not from abroad.

President Al-Bashir explained that the two parties to the conflict agreed that the rebel movement should not utilize the agreement in supporting its forces in other areas.

In an interview to Al-Watan daily, President Al-Bashir said the Sudanese-American relations have moved forward from its old position, describing them as being positive.

President Al-Bashir further said the relations between the government and the opposition has turned into cooperation relations for the sake of the higher interest of the country.

The government of the National Salvation Revolution believes that freedoms in Sudan are not a grant but they are the right of all, said the President.

In this regard, President Al-Bashir stressed the necessity of the freedom of the press, referring to the current freedom of press in Sudan.

He further said that the government's responsibility with this respect is represented in ensuring non-existence of violations that infringe the faith, homeland and the higher interests of the country.

President Al-Bashir spoke of the importance that the Popular National Congress abandons its agreement with the rebel movement.

He further declared that the government guarantees the practicing of free political activity for Mohammed Ibrahim Nugud, who had gone into hiding suddenly and who had not been wanted by the authorities.

President Al-Bashir further reviewed in the interview a number of the current issues of the political arena.