Sudanese government willing to extend truce for aid delivery

Nov 24 (AFP)

The Sudanese government is willing to extend a four-week truce for delivery of US humanitarian aid to rebel-held areas in Nuba Mountains of central Sudan, a press report said Saturday.

"We do not mind extending the truce period beyond four weeks," Sulaf Eddin Salih of the government's Humanitarian Aid Commission was quoted by the independent Al-Sahafi Al-Dawli daily as saying.

The truce was agreed earlier this month so that the World Food Program could airdrop food provided by the US in the Nuba Mountains.

US special envoy for Sudan John Danforth, during a visit to Sudan last week, witnessed the airdrop operation, which was launched on November 14 to four areas controlled by the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).

Salih said the truce period could be extended if the four weeks proved insufficient for airdropping the 2,000 tons of food.

He said the US authorities would make food available for people in government-held areas in the Nuba Mountains if a survey to be conducted by the United States shows the people there are also in need of food aid.