Sudan army claims rebel attack in Nuba mountains repelled

August 11, 2001 (AFP)

The Sudanese armed forces spokesman said Saturday his troops have fought back rebel attackers of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) in the Nuba Mountains, central Sudan.

General Mohammed Beshir Suleiman was cited by the official SUNA news agency as saying government troops repelled an attack by "the outlaws" at Umdhihaib in the eastern Nuba Mountains, inflicted "heavy losses in lives and equipment" on the attackers and "fully secured the region."

The spokesman did not say when the attack took place. He called upon rebel fighters "who are taking up arms against their desire" to desert the rebellion and return to the government ranks, promising good treatment "like previous returnees."

The south Sudan-based SPLA has been fighting a civil war against successive Khartoum governments since 1983.