Rebel commander defects, returns to homeland

July 3, 2001 (SUNA)

An outlaws field commander from the Nubah Mountains area [central Sudan], Commander Muhammad Ali Tiyah, returned to the homeland after over 16 years with the movement.

Commander Tiyah stated that he returned to join the procession of the homeland after realizing that the rebel movement has never owned its decision or its agenda, but that it has been executing the agenda of foreign circles dominating the movement.

He added that he returned with some members of his forces with full conviction that it was imperative to work for the unity of the national rank, affirming that himself and his troops were against the separation proposals.

Commander Tiyah further declared that the outlaws' leader, John Garang, and his close group, are leading a sinful bloodthirsty terrorist movement that subjects innocent civilians to death in implementation of the agenda and prospects of the foreign countries that provide funds for the movement.

He urged his colleagues who are still carrying arms to return to the homeland, affirming that he found as misleading all the information which were circulated by the movement about the conditions in the country and Khartoum. He further praised the development process in the country and the warm welcome he received upon his return. He urged the Nubah Mountains citizens to support proposals of realizing peace from within, and to reject the claims of the rebel movement.