The government of Sudan forces attack civilians in the Nuba Mountains.

Nuba Relief Rehabilitation and Development Organization

The GoS oppressive regime has once again unleashed its barbaric military forces against the civil population in the Nuba Mountains.

On the 22nd May 2001 the government forces attacked Kauda from eight directions.

The attacking forces burnt down villages of Ndurdu, Komo, Kajama, Kurbera, Shawaya, Kambara and Dangir in Heiban county causing displacement of 5,000 families in a situation where the area experienced significant crop failure as a result of rainfall shortage last year.

Two days later the GoS dropped five bombs at random on villages at Lumon in Nagoban county.

It is worth noting that the target of the GoS attack was to depopulate the area and to disrupt any humanitarian assistance to the area, by closing the landing airstrip at Kauda.

In this attack two old women were burnt alive in their Tukuls and the attacking forces were repulsed by the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) in the area.

More than 26,000 civilians (5,000 families) face acute food shortage, has no shelter and cooking pots.

Also the attacking forces burnt 8,110 huts, killed 22, wounded 15 and abducted 1,637 civilians.

We take this opportunity to appeal to all humanitarian NGOs and individuals of good will to aid these vulnerable people.

The Sudan government continues to block efforts of the United Nations to assist the people of Nuba Mountains.

We also call upon all the human rights organisations to condemn these barbaric attacks on villages and the cowardly burning of the elderly and aerial bombardment of civilians.

Neroun Philip
Executive Director