Kauda area under heavy attack

by N. op 't Ende
May 28, 2001

For the past four days the area around Kauda suffered heavy attacks by Government forces, accompanied by fierce bombardments. According to an NRRDO spokesman from the office in Nairobi, fighting still continues today.

The Sudanese army has captured the nearby airstrip of Tajura, blocking all flights to or from the SPLA area.

In a SUNA press release on Friday and an announcement on Omdurman Radio on Saturday, the army claimed to have 'liberated' a number of villages, including Komo, Kuchama, Um Derdu, Tajura, and Liri.

The attacks follow shortly after the death of Yousif Kuwa Mekki, who led the Nuba for more than 15 years in their resistance against the Government of Sudan. His body has been put to rest in the SPLA-held part of the Nuba Mountains.

In response to the Government offensive, the SPLA has launched a counter attack from the Moro hills. The NRRDO spokesman said SPLA captured Um Sirdiba on Sunday.