Sudanese army claims recapture of areas in Nuba Mountains

May 26, 2001 (AFP)

The Sudanese army has retaken nine localities from the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) in the Nuba Moutains in central Sudan, state Omdurman Radio announced Saturday.

The radio quoted the Armed Forces General Command as saying its troops had managed to "liberate" nine localities in the Nuba Mountains after inflicting heavy causalties on the rebels.

Troops had seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition, the General Command said.

The recaptured localities named by the statement included Tangaru, Kamu, Um Dartu and Kajama.

The troops also "freed civilians who were used by the rebel movement as human shields, maltreating and humiliating them."

No details were given on the dates of the operations, the number of rebels killed or of civilians freed.