Sudanese president: peace by force in the Nuba

12/4/1997 (

Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir said that his government has decided to establish and protect peace by force in the Nuba Mountains. He called on those who are armed to return to their homeland, addressing this call to the leader of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Sudan in the Nuba Mountains, Youssef Kowa.

Bashir added that forming the Transitional Council of Southern Kordofa, which is headed by Minister of Interior Brigadier Bakry Hassan Saleh, came within the efforts of reclamation and in accordance with the Nuba Mountain Pact. He added that next year will witness complete stability in the Nuba Mountains.

Meetings started in Khartoum between the Foreign Ministers of Sudan, Chad, Central Africa, and Niger. Those meetings aim to establish the mechanism of cooperation among the four countries as recommended by the instructions of the four heads of those countries during their meeting at the beginning of last year in Bangui, the capital of Central Africa.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese opposition continues its diplomatic moves in Egypt as the leader of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Sudan, John Garang, met yesterday with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Garang is scheduled to meet today with the Egyptian Committee for Afro-Asian Consolidation, while the Leader of the Sudanese Umma Party, Al Sadiq Al Mahdi, started a tour of the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.