Sudan Archive of the Durham University Library

The Library of Durham University has several special collections. The Sudan Archive is one of them. It contains a treasure of original material collected by the British administrators during (and after) the time of the British-Egyptian Condominium over Sudan. Apart from hundreds of letters, many memoires and probably thousands of official papers, the Library also keeps a large number of photographs taken in the Sudan during the first half of the 20th century.

The first batch of photos here were recently copied from 'caught in time: The Sudan' (Garnet Publ. 1994) And they are followed by some of the images the Library has been so kind to allow me to use for the book 'Proud to be Nuba'. They are so beautiful!


Nuba Friendlies in Nyima Hills, 1917

Agabna Wad Ahauga and Kujur Kilkun captured, 1917

Jabal Kafina, 1926 (by J.A. Gillan?)

Barracks at Talodi, 1902 (by R. Slatin?)

Cotton market of Tabanya, 1933-34 (by G.W. Bell?)

Messiriya in Southern Kordofan, 1912 (by R.V. Savile?)

Hamar bridal hawdajs, Abu Zabad, S.K., 1916 (by J.A. Gillan?)


School for boys

Moro man at a parade

Nuba girls from Lira


Proud mother and two daughters

Boy on a tricycle

If I'm not mistaken this is Changaru


Hunting party

Moro men

Post office


Wrestlers at a Talodi gathering (J.A.Gillan)

Wrestlers (MacMichael)

Wrestlers (MacMichael)

Nuba girls

Nuba houses

Nuba soldiers during WWII

Parade in Tripoli

Nuba soldier in WWII

Girls and women in front of clinic

Mek Ardu Kadugli (left)

Girls racing with pots on their heads (S.S. Butler)

Women in the road (Newbold)

Group of Nuba children (C.W.M. Cox)

Group of Nuba children (C.W.M. Cox)

Nuba boy carrying books (C.W.M. Cox)

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