Sir Douglas Newbold

Douglas Newbold (1894) entered the Sudan Political Service in 1920. His first post was the nomad district of Dar Kababish on the fringe of the Lybian Desert.From 1932 to 1938 he was Governor of Kordofan.
From 1939 until his death in 1945 he was Civil Secretary of Sudan. He was closely involved in the proces of democratization that led up to the independence of Sudan in 1956.

In The Making of the Modern Sudan (1952), K.D.D. Henderson has drawn extensively from the papers and letters of Douglas Newbold. In his letters Douglas shows himseld a witty observer and he's lovely to read. Just one random example:
The kujurs in the Eastern Jebels are mostly unimportant and have no executive power [...] They ward of locust, and bring rain, and bring madness on chaps. Otoro and Tira have nonentities. They are, however, wizards and the people want them.

The photos are copied from The making of the Modern Sudan. Probably not one of them is taken by Douglas Newbold.

Kordofan Landscape

Typical Kordofanian Fula during the rainy season

On trek in the Nuba Mountains

Newbold talkig to a typical Nuba on a hill-top during a trek

A march-past of Nuba with rifles at a tribal gathering

Nuba girls bringing onions to market

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