Families demand Sudan release South Kordofan detainees

October 2, 2014 (Radio Dabanga)

The families of three detained men in Kadugli, South Kordofan, demanded that the Sudanese authorities immediately release their sons. They were arrested for the possession of pictures of armed rebel movements and demonstrations last year, one of the relatives said.

He reported that Karam El Din Ibrahim (20), Ahmed Ibrahim (24), and Ezzedine Ahmed (34) were arrested on 18 September this year. The relative, a family member of Karam Ibrahim, explained that the three men were on their way to work in the gold mines in Bajun area, 20 km south of a checkpoint called Kologi Kedil. At this checkpoint, security forces arrested the three men, and took them to Kadugli.

Karam Ibrahim was accused of possessing a laptop that contained pictures of the demonstrations in September 2013, as well as pictures of armed movements in Darfur. His two colleagues were also arrested.

"They said that they were beaten by elements of the security forces," the family member told Radio Dabanga. He stressed that the security authorities did not allow the families to visit their detained children. He called on humanitarian organisations and human rights organisations to intervene.


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