Fresh clashes in South Kordofan between Sudanese army and rebels

May 25, 2013 (Sudan Tribune)

The government army and the rebel groups issued Saturday statements about fresh clashes in Kordofan region where the two parties clashes since last April.

Rebel fighters of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) took on 27 April the control of Abu Kershola, a small town in South Kordofan near the border with North Kordofan.

Since, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) masse troops in the region aiming to surround the rebel fighters before to launch what they call the "ultimate attack".

On the other hand, the rebels who also mobilised combatants from all SRF groups try to divert the army and prevent it from implementing its military plans.

SAF spokesperson Khaled Al-Sawarmi issued on Saturday a statement denying "rumours" that SRF rebels attacked Babanousa in South Kordofan, asserting that the town is safe and secured by its people who support the army.

He further added that the army protect all the gates of the town.

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) spokesperson, Gibreel Adam Bilal, said they routed SAF troops in Al-Botta, South Kordofan, after clashes on Saturday with troops coming from Al-Foula in the same state.

He said they pursued SAF up to the eastern neighbourhood of Babanousa, adding that their fighters are now camping outside the town after destroying three vehicles and capturing 12 others.

"No (SAF) soldier can dare to leave Babanousa heading to Abu Kershola", Bilal said in statement to Sudan Tribune on Saturday.

Military experts say the battle over the control of Abu Kershola is crucial for both sides.

The Sudanese officials say the rebels massed all their forces in this area, adding it would be their graveyard. While the rebels say if they storm the Sudanese army in this area they can directly head to Khartoum.


Since the killing of JEM-Sudan leader Mohamed Bashar, JEM rebels decry the presence of Chadian troops in Darfur region saying they are there to fight them.

JEM spokesperson repeated on Saturday that Chadian forces are now heading to South Kordofan to participate in the fighting with the Sudanese army.

"They (Chadian troops) left Al-Fasher and now reached eastern Darfur heading to South Kordofan", he said.

In statements to the AFP, Al-Swarmi denied the rebel claims saying they are collaborate only with the Sudan to secure the join border.

However, reliable source close to the Sudanese army confirmed to Sudan Tribune that the Chadian army "pursue JEM rebels who left Darfur to South Kordofan".

The source added that president Idris Deby is angered by the killing of Bashar inside the Chadian territory and consider the incident as serious threat to his regime.

"Ndjamena considers any military victory the Sudanese rebels can achieve in Darfur or elsewhere as direct threat to its national security", the source further commented.

JEM which was once close to the Chadian president accused him of participating in the killing of its founder and late leader Khalil Ibrahim in December 2011.


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