Al-Bashir Warns South Sudan In Meddling Over Sudan's Affairs

November 7, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

President Omar al- Bashir is urging South Sudan to stop meddling into the affairs of Sudan especially in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

Addressing the public after the eid al-adha celebrations in Kurmuk on Sunday, al Bashir said that South Sudan should observe peace.

[Omar al-Bashir] “Our message is to people of South that you did not take South Sudan because you won in a contest. But it was through an agreement; with promises that you will fulfill that agreement and it is better to stand within your limits and not to indulge in Sudan’s issues. We will not attack any one unless we are attacked first.”

In response, the South Sudan’s minister of Information, Barnaba Benjamin denied any involvement in Sudan’s affairs.

[Barnaba Benjamin] “We are not involved in what is happening now in Kurmuk and South Kordofan, although the government of Sudan Knows well that there was a protocol between these areas and Sudan, but they did not fulfill this protocol. They are the ones who are involved into the affairs of South Sudan. But still those armed groups in Kurmuk and South Kordofan belong to Sudan. Yes, they were in SPLA/M, but now the original SPLM is in another country. They went back to their country, which is Sudan, we have nothing to do with them.”

That was the South Sudan’s minister of Information, Barnaba Benjamin Marial speaking to SRS from Juba on Monday.


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