Armed Forces Affirms its Monitoring to Suspicious Movements of SPLA in South Kordofan

12 June, 2011 (SUNA)

The Armed Forces has issued a statement through which it affirmed it monitoring to suspicious activities of Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) in South Kordofan since last April.

The Armed Forces pointed out that these movements were repercussion of the recent elections in South Kordofan State.

The Armed Forces stated that such suspicious movements continued to witness escalation since the SPLM has raised its threatening motto of the "Star or the Attack" during the recent elections, indicating that these movements were monitored at a number of areas, including Al-Obeid Lake and the Eastern and Western Mountains.

The statement explained that the SPLA tended to prevent the UNMIS patrols in May that were targeting Al-Obeid Lake which has been chosen as a point for the gathering of SPLA forces.

The statement said that big groups of the SPLA forces were wearing civilian dress and roaming Kadugli town, besides the movement of the whole SPLA troops for the towns and mountains.

According to the Armed Forces' statement, the SPLM managed to declare its rejection to result of the elections in South Kordofan State and to threaten that it will occupy by force the whole State of South Kordofan, despite recognition of the local and international observers to the result of election process and its honesty.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces' statement referred to the fierce attack staged against a motorcade of the Wali (governor) from mountains overlooking the Airport Street through an ambush woven by elements of the SPLA with the aim to assassinate the Wali, adding that all the units of the SPLA have participated in this attack.

The statement also pointed to the attack of the SPLA troops within the Joint Forces to their colleagues of the Armed Forces, in addition to barbaric assassination of citizens of the area who belong to the National Congress.

The Armed Forces also expressed its regret over the unbalanced condemnation of UNMIS to what it has described as unbalanced bombing of the Armed Forces, let alone its trend to keep silent concerning the aggression against innocent civilians which terrorized them and led to their displacement.

The Armed Forces pointed out that it is working to return life in South Kordofan State to its normal course by opening roads and securing the major towns, stations, the citizens and the vital establishments to guarantee arrival of humanitarian aid to the citizens.

The Armed Forces had denounced intervention of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) in the northern affair and its continuous attempts to impose its hegemony on the citizens of South Kordofan.

The Armed Forces called on the citizens of the Nuba Mountain to stick to wisdom and work hand in hand with the government of South Kordofan State for the interest of the interest of the state's citizens and development.


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