No dialogue with killers – Nafei

9 June, 2011 (UNMIS MMR)

Al-Ahram Al-Youm et al Following a meeting of the NCP leadership office yesterday, Nafei Ali Nafei told the press late last night that there would be no dialogue with those who have killed and beaten up the people in Southern Kordofan. He said that the NCP has branded the incidents in Southern Kordofan as a rebellion and resolved that it would be dealt with on that basis.

The senior NCP official accused the SPLM in the north and south of the country of planning alongside foreign parties to overrun Southern Kordofan and then use it as a launch pad for their advance towards Khartoum. He pointed out that states by SPLM officials ahead of the state elections only prove that these current incidents are a pre-planned plot to take over the state either by elections or by the use of force.


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