Vice President reviews situations of South Kordufan, Abyei in the Parliament

8 June, 2011 (SUNA)

Vice President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, said the areas of South Kordufan and Blue Nile States are part of Northern Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement(SPLM) would not play any role in re-organizing the situations of these areas after July 9.

Addressing the National Assembly Wednesday, Taha revealed an agreement to embark on a dialogue with the components of the two areas, revealing that arrangements have been taken to get them politically involved and to reconcile their military situations.

In this context, Taha renewed the government's intention to hold talks with the members of the SPLM in South Korduan as a political entity toward their full participation in the political life in the State.

He referred to the agreement to withdraw the forces of the SPLM South of the line of 1/1/1956 before 9 of July 2011 according to set timetable.

Regarding incidents of South Kordufan, the Vice President affirmed total rejection to go out of the rule of law, saying that what happened has no justifications whatsoever.

Taha revealed, in this context, existence of contacts between the centre and South Kordufan State to contain the situations, described them as uncontrolled, saying that whoever opt to infringe security will be decisively treated in order to get back to his sense.

Regarding Abyei, the Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Mohammed Taha said what happened in Abyei was a well-known conspiracy and an exposed bid to return to war and hostilities once more.

He explained that the Government has decisively settled the issue by entering in Abyei, not to impose a unilateral solution but rather to send a message to the SPLM and those who are behind it that there is no way other than political consensus and there is no use of trying to impose a de facto situation through the violations committed against the armed forces or even surpassing Kadugli agreement.

Taha affirmed that Sudan will thwart the efforts of those who want to distract it from its set priorities, pledging to foil these conspiracies through ordering its matters in the coming period.


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