Tensions Rise In South Kordofan As Fighting Erupts Between SPLA And SAF

South Kordofan
6 June, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

Tension amidst fighting has been reported between SAF and SPLA in some towns of southern Kordofan state over the weekend.

In a statement on Sunday, the governor of southern Kordofan state, Ahmed Haroun says the incident is suspected to have started by some uncontrolled groups in the area.

[Ahmed Haroun]: “Early hours of this morning (Sunday), the Armory of the Wild Life Unit in Kadogli, encountered aggression by some elements of the Integrated Police, also the Military Garrison of SAF in Um Dorain area, encountered was attacked by some elements of the SPLA. Our evaluation to these two incidents is an individual act from some uncontrolled groups against their current command. Our explanation to this incident is that it comes following the worry that the SPLA officials are experiencing regarding their future in the north. ”

But the SPLM in southern Kordofan described the incidents as a rebellion by some Joint Integrated Units, following SAF statement that it will not tolerate any SPLA forces in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

SPLM spokesperson in the state, Mohamedain Ibrahim on Monday claimed that the fighting started when SAF members provoked the SPLA forces.

He further described the situation as critical and needs intervention.

[Mohamedain Ibrahim]: “There was a rebellion that occurred among SAF and the police forces, after that SAF did provocations against the SPLA, The move which made the SPLA to defend themselves. The general situation is critical, because yesterday the Armory of SAF and the Public Defense and all the Arab tribes have been armed randomly.”

However, the UN has sent air and land patrols to assess the situation.


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