Comment: South Kordofan Complementary Elections

By: Muawad Mustafa Rashidr

7 May, 2011 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Elections in South Kordofan progressed peacefully as voters continued to cast their ballots. The counting process is expected to start immediately at all polling stations.

Initial results are expected to trickle in until 8th May and will be announced gradually. Results will be made final by the end of this month.

Governor of South Kordofan State, Ahmed Haroun held a press conference in which he revealed that there were only six alleged violations from the 66 polling centres which proves that the process was fair.

High Election Committee Chief, Adam Abdeen Ismail stated that the voting percentage ranged between 75-80 percent, affirming that the elections process passed peacefully and the final day of polling did not witness any major violations.

South Kordofan State is one of the intermingling states geographically and politically and the two poles (the NCP and the SPLM) are competing in the post of the governor besides the seats of the legislative council.

The existent top ruling personnel are Ahmed Haroun as the Governor representing the NCP and his deputy Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu representing the SPLM.

The two leaders worked during their term in harmony to the extent that they became of model for the good relation between the NCP and the SPLM.

Back to the elections process the parties' representatives in the constituencies of eastern sector that includes the villages of Abasiya Tegeli, Rashad, Abu Karashola and Abu Jibeiha, said that voting percentage in many centers hours before sealing the ballots accounted for 65 percent.

The High Committee on South Kordofan elections received complaints from candidates in constituency 19 Salara saying that their agents have constantly been subject to harassment and ejection by members of SPLM.

The remaining procedure for the process is the vote count after which the results will be announced.

This complementary election is considered one of the concluding issues in the relations between the NCP and the SPLM, because after about only two months the political divorce between the CPA partners will take place; but the good relations and joint interests will remain between the two neighbouring countries.

Whatever the results is we can say that the election was fair and free as testified by the local and international observers.

The NEC did it mission perfectly besides the security, administrative and monitoring organs which worked in full coordination to make the process a success.

Let us hope that the results of the elections become a blessing and not a curse for the Sudan as a whole and to the citizens of South Kordofan State in particular.


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