Blue Nile, South Kordufan States under-utilize authorizations

Al-Sammani Awadallah

16 March, 2011 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Sudan Vision sources reported that South Kordufan and Blue Nile States, which are conducting a popular consultation process; fell short of exploiting the 45 exclusive authorizations allowed to them by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) Popular Consultation Protocol.

Reports told that the two states have effected only 16 authorizations concerning minor issues.

Practice proved that it is difficult for the two states to use some of those jurisdictions in the absence of the federal government's financial involvement.

Sources added that the federal government had funded around SDG four and three billion during the last six years for South Kordufan and Blue Nile respectively, for economic development and basic services delivery.

Popular consultation in the two states targets identification of their political relationship with the center, besides, testing the level of satisfaction with the basic services people have received under the CPA.


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