Southern Kordofan Elections Commission Revises Electoral Register

2 March, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

Southern Kordofan elections commission can now revise the electoral register to determine the number of eligible voters in the state.

The move came after National Elections Commission directed the southern Kordofan electoral commission to start the process.

The official spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Southern Kordofan State, Mister Mohamadain Ibrahim spoke to Sudan Radio Service by phone from Kadugli on Tuesday.

[Mohamadain Ibrahim-Arabic]: “According to the directives issued by the N-E-C, the revision of voter registration has commenced to retrace the real total numbers registered based on the elections books and files present and the process is going on well, and up to today we have revised more than 20 thousand names and the revision is still going on in order to disclose the final voters’ registry to be a clean registry. The correct registered number of voters is 613 thousands, but the number that appeared from the commission is 651, 000.

Mister Mohamadain Ibrahim was speaking to SRS by phone from Kadugli on Tuesday.


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