SPLM tries General Telefon Koko

28 February, 2011 (UNMIS MMR)


A decision by an SPLM military tribunal to sentence SPLA officer, Mjr. Gen.Telefon Kuku to six years in prison ahs caused angry reactions from the Nuba tribe where he hails from. The court ruling found Kuku guilty of planning a military overthrow against authorities in Southern Kordofan, defying his superior officers in the SPLA by refusing to join the hunt for George Athor and planning to cause a rift between SPLA officers along racial lines.

SPLA officers from the Nuba Mountains area were angered by the court’s ruling and have called
for an expulsion of southern Sudanese in the area within one month.

The people of Burram where Kuku hails from have issued a statement calling for his immediate
release and threatening that southern Sudan would never know peace if he is kept in detention.


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