SPLA Soldiers From The North To Decide Their Fate If South Seceeds

26 January, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The SPLA spokesperson Philip Aguer said that SPLA soldiers and members from the north will be free to choose whether to continue with the SPLA or resign and join SAF if the south secedes.

Hundreds of soldiers from Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile expressed concerns over their status, looking at the would-be new nation after the referendum vote.

All SPLA soldiers from the North will be considered as foreigners after the end of the interim period.

Philip Aguer explained to SRS on Wednesday the fate of the soldiers in the north if the south secedes.

[Philip Aguer]: “They (SPLA) will belong to Sudan people Librations Army. They will have a choice to make after the separation. If they want to stay in the SPLA that will be ok. If they want to join SAF that is also ok. At the end of the day the choice is theirs to make. Because who knows their interest except for them, no one does. The south will not decide for them nor will the north do so. The south will not and can not decide for the sons of Blue Nile state or Southern Kordofan. Any issues regarding the personnel or the members, it has its own solutions in the CPA. Am optimistic in the SPLA that their will be a solution that will satisfy them.”

South Sudan is yet to settle post-referendum issues with the north, including security, citizenship, oil and water resources, currency matters, assets and liabilities and international treaties and agreements.


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