People of the Nuba Mountains Calls on the Government and the UN to intervene for the release of Telephone Kuko

31 October 2010 (Sudan Vision Daily)

NCP leading figure, Deputy Chairman of the Population and Health Committee at the Parliament, Afaf Tawor called on the United Nations and the central government to exert more efforts for the release of Field Commander Telephone Kuko who detained in the prisons of the SPLM in the south.

In an exclusive statement to (SMC), Tawor revealed that all previous efforts had failed in his release, calling the sons of the Nuba Mountains to move seriously to exert a kind of pressure on the SPLM for his release, especially with the comprehensive amnesty, which included some leading southern rebels pointing out that the movement has shown no clear intentions for the release of Kuko.

The Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of parliament, Mohammed Markazo Kuko said that the said issue left a bad effect on the hearts of the sons of the Nuba and some of the Southern tribes after a number of rebel outlaws in the south were released.

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