Sudan board partially delays election in South Kordofan

15 March 2010 (ST)

Sudan elections commission postponed partially electoral process in South Kordofan state following an accord reached by the two peace partners.

The postponement concern mainly the elections for governor and the state legislative assembly while the election for the president of the republic and the national parliament will take place as scheduled.

SPLM figure and deputy governor Abdel-Aziz Al-Hilu announced last January that their decision to boycott the elections saying the census was partially conducted and that the geographical constituencies were determined unfairly.

Al Hilu slammed the National Elections Committee (NEC) for dismissing the SPLM’s challenge it raised regarding the issues of census and constituencies in South Kordofan.

The NEC said today that the local executive and legislative elections will be conducted within 60 days after the national elections on April 10.

Commenting the decision the governor Ahmed Haroun said the NEC decision to partially postpone the elections in the state comes in line with the need to maintain security political stability in the state.


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