SPLM proposes today to NC a new concept of partnership

26 July, 2007 (Al-Sahafah)
by Ahmad Fadl

The SPLM was due to propose today to the National Congress [NC] a new strategy for decision-making with the aim of enabling it to participate in the formulation of political decisions.

Meanwhile the Presidency Establishment decided at its meeting yesterday to form a commission to follow up the implementation of the Blue Nile and the South Kordofan agreements and to form a national civil service commission.

A meeting was due to be held this afternoon at the premises of the SPLM for the joint political committee headed by NC deputy chairman Nafi Ali Nafi and SPLM secretary-general Pagan Amum.

Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Atim Garang, a leading SPLM member, said that a shroud of fogginess is enveloping the partnership between the Naivasha partners, something which makes the Sudanese people doubtful about the sincerity of the two sides on the peace agreement.

He added in statements to Al-Sahafa that they would explain to the NC representatives the SPLM perception of partnership, as spelled out in the activation of partnership procedures, through consultations among partisan bodies when any decision is taken.

He said that the meeting would discuss in addition to this unification of the media dissertation, especially in view of the recent media exchanges between the two parties, exchanges which he described as light, in addition to studying the deployment of forces and the importance of armed forces and popular army commanders refraining from making political statements.

He said the two sides will not deal with the Abyei issue, considering that the Presidency alone is entitled to
decide on settling this dispute.

In a related development, a meeting comprising President Umar al-Bashir and his two vicepresidents
Salva Kiir Mayardit and Ali Uthman Muhammad Taha agreed to form a commission to follow up and assess the implementation of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan Agreements, in accordiance with the stipulates of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and to form the National Civil Service Commission since the National Council [Parliament] has approved the law on its establishment.

The Presidency Establishment's meeting was briefed on progress in implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, according to Minister of State at the Presidency Tillar Rinq Denq who said that the meeting was briefed on the outcome of the visit by the President of the Republic to Darfur's three provinces and the visit by the First Vice-President to China.

He stressed the need for effective follow-up of the directives and recommendations resulting from the visit. The minister said the next Presidency meeting will be briefed on the progress in assignments related to the security and military arrangements by the Joint Defence Council; on the achievements and actions taken by the National Council for Population Census, and the report of the committee for demarcating borders between the North and South in line with the borders prevailing on January 1, 1956.

Source: Al-Sahafah, Khartoum, in Arabic 26 Jul 07


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